2017 ICCM Americas Sessions

Non-Tech Skills for the Technical Professional

Blob Bridge and What it Means to You!

Presenter: Marj Gareean

Technical Professionals rightly value their intelligence and ability to solve problems.  This is how they create new and better technology and keep the older technology running.    But what happens when people and situations get in the way of the technologist being able to use this intelligence to complete their mission?   Several hands-on techniques will be discussed/demonstrated for the technologist to analyze circumstances, themselves, and others and turn those situations into success.

Building productive relationships with non techs in your organization:  Reflections and lessons learned

Presenter: Carl Daudt
Healthy, communicative relationships with both techs and non techs in our organizations are essential.  As tech ‘leaders’ (even if our official titles do not recognize us as such), we need to be able to appropriately influence technology related decisions, practices, and transitions within our organizations.  Whether or not we carry officially recognized leadership roles, all of us will inevitably find ourselves and our orgnizations facing technological opportunities–or threats–to which we will need to be able to take on a distinct role in pursuing an appropriate course of action.  The best preparation we can make for such time is based on a mutual foundation of trust and understanding across all members of our organizations, and indeed a demonstrated caring and interest in each other’s objectives. In this session, I reflect on personal lessons I have learned through decades of experience in technology service.  I will also lead some discussion to glean from the experiences of others attending the session.

Change, Joy, and Meaningfulness

Presenter: Greg Beeley
The common threads of “change” and “joy” in the book of Ecclesiastes and how that relates to how we focus our lives and manage stress.

Victory over Shame, Failure, Fear & Discouragement

Presenter: Marj Gareean

All of us have failed and have experienced shame, fear, or discouragement.    What is our response and how do we deal with the emotions arising from these situations?  Have we tried to bury our feelings only to have them surface in other ways?   Several life stories will be presented on successful ways to overcome and allow God to use these situations to further develop us.  God provides us tried and true ways to be victorious.

System Administration

Let’s Encrypt for Windows

Presenter: Carl Armstrong
Getting Free SSL certs with Lets Encrypt from a Windows Workstation – Hands on Lab (Bring your own Laptop)

Securing Your Web Applications with Web Application Firewall

Presenter: Carl Armstrong
Is security your number-one concern? Unfortunately, the primary goal of application developers is to ensure the application functions, not necessarily ensure application security. Attend this session for an overview and demo of a Web Application Firewall, to learn how to secure your web applications.


Presenter: Russ Tuck
The open source Docker system has popularized the use of containers to run applications portably.  Containers are similar to virtual machines, but have less overhead.  They are typically smaller to move around, and less expensive to run.  There are tools to run and manage them in bulk, and there is growing support from cloud vendors.  So containers may be the most practical way to run a service portably on cloud infrastructure.  This session will introduce the basics of containers, including how they differ from VMs, and give some examples for those interested in trying out Docker containers.


Presenter: Shawn Parrish
Network Monitoring tools, from the creators of NodePing

Ministry User Tools

Tools for the remote IT workforce

Presenter: Shawn Parrish, David Caylor
Tools for the remote IT workforce.  When you have your workers scattered around, how do you work together?

Fast and Furious to the Cloud with Office 365

Presenter: cimonline
How do we FastTrack our staff onto Office 365 from day one

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face is how to get their staff to embrace a new set of tools. We’ll work through how to leverage the tools that Microsoft provides with their FastTrack program to get users up-to-speed with Office 365.

No Longer My Way or the Highway According to Microsoft

Presenter: cimonline
It’s no longer an OR world, but an AND world when it comes to determining the right application in Office 365. Let’s walk through how we can provide guidance to our users about all the possibilities.


Presenter: Greg Beeley
Kardia has been around for quite some time, and is nearing the point where other organizations can adopt it.  Learn about what it can, and cannot do, and see if it is an option for your ministry


Building Web Applications in Node.js

Presenter: David Caylor

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side.

UI Polish

Presenter: Tom Francis
Do your websites/webapps receive little or no formal feed back, and the only informal feedback is “It’s hard to use,” or “I just don’t like it”?  And you have no idea what’s wrong, because it does what these same people asked?

Then this is for you. We’ll cover the problems that often cause this kind of response, and are typically so small, you as the one who set it up don’t even notice. The problems so small most users can’t articulate them,  but they just know it’s “not right” or “hard to use.”

These are the tricks of the tricks of the trade, what separates a professional developer from a sysadmin forced to do it because there’s no one else to do it. :)

Col 3:23 and more.

RESTful Web APIs

Speaker: Jason Maas
Do you manage some database-driven apps which you want to integrate, extend or make available, including to mobile apps?  Have you used a system which proclaimed how easy it would be to extend using their RESTful Web API?
RESTful Web APIs are the modern developer interfaces to web apps and database-driven systems.  In the same way that end user interfaces can be done well or poorly, developer interfaces can also be done well or poorly.
The RESTful way of thinking provides a clean, easy to understand interface which is programming language agnostic, both for the client side (“consuming” the API) and the server side (providing the API).
This session will provide an introduction to the RESTful API concepts and demonstrate an example of providing them via the Python micro-web framework Bottle, *and* an example of consuming them via the Python Requests library.  However, these concepts are *not* Python-specific and no Python experience or desire is required.

An Introduction to Puppet

Speaker: Ben Woods
An introduction to configuration management with Puppet.

Misc Track


Speaker: Craig Thompson
This session will give an overview of the current state of Voice over IP services for mission organizations.  We will look at case studies of organizations who have made the switch. We will also review various vendors for PBX solutions and phone vendors.  If your organization is not currently using VOIP, you could be saving a serious amount of money by switching or at least using a hybrid environment.

How to Build a Tech + Faith Movement in Your City

Presenter: James Kelly
James Kelly will tell the crazy story of how FaithTech came to be. He will provide tips on building a sustainable movement within your city that has churches and tech not only thinking together, but working together to advance the Kingdom.

Starting a Missional Tech Business

Presenter: Roy Campbell
Starting a missional tech business – what’s that like? Here are some of the questions we’ll talk about. Business as Mission – what’s the big deal? Why do ministry as business? If it’s business, can it still be ministry? Why Roy is prefers a business model when doing development work. Other things we’ll talk about – integrity of the end consumer, honour of the end consumer. What road blocks might you run into? What temptations might you run into?What does success look like for a missional business / social enterprise / beneficial organization?

How to Deal with Carriers, Colos, ISPs, and Telecoms

Speaker: Craig Thompson
This session will cover tips and tricks for finding carriers for bandwidth, how to negotiate the best rates, options to consider for collocation, how to evaluate an ISP, what to look for in a telecom partner and other crucial infrastructure topics.  With over 20 years of experience in the ISP industry, the speaker will share lessons learned and key points to consider when selecting vendors for IT infrastructure needs.