2017 ICCM Americas Birds of a Feather (BoF)

English Idiom: Birds of a feather flock together.

There are a lot of technical and management subjects that need attention, but not all of these can be planned as a workshop. Birds Of a Feather, or BoF sessions, bring people with similar interests together to meet and discuss these topics. The topics are agreed by the attendees on the first day of the conference and then the session times and locations are publicized. [This description was borrowed from ICCM Europe.]

On Saturday afternoon at ICCM we will vote on BoF topics proposed by conference attendees. We will have 4 time slots and at least 5 rooms, so we will have at least 20 BoFs.

Here is a list of the BoFs at from previous conferences, to get you thinking:

  • HelpDesk and/or Desktop Support
  • Strategic Display of Missions Information
  • How to get there… Getting into missions tech.
  • How Do we Define and Grow Technology and Missions/Ministry as a Field
  • Important basics on security perspective from a world class expert
  • Google Apps
  • Managing a WordPress Website
  • Collaborating with techies in your geographic area
  • Samba4 – IdM/FreeIPA
  • Collaboration Tools and Intranet options for internal collaboration
  • Office 365
  • Cloud based systems and the Creative Access worker
  • Business Intelligence / Reporting
  • Community Anti-Malware subscription: Info and Input
  • Effective and relevant IT Department
  • VoIP?
  • Breaking the Bandwidth Barrier – Sharing Knowledge with Remote Colleagues
  • Kardia open source missions CRM and Finance software